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Idea: cycling training plans and books

Welcome to     http:// cyclecoach .az.com

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Training Information and Coaching Services for Cyclists of all

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Coach David Ertl, Ph.D

-Coach Ertl-

I am a licensed USA Cycling Level 1 (Elite) Cycling Coach and a coach
with the Peaks Coaching Group.
I enjoy sharing my years of training and racing experience and love of
cycling with recreational and competitive individuals and teams. I
offer training plans, ebooks, training articles, and in-person and
distance cycling coaching. I would be happy to talk with you about
achieving your cycling goals, whatever they may be.

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How to spend your money to get faster

Why do I need a cycling coach?

Racer Ertl



Peaks Coaching Group

David Ertl is a coach with the Peaks Coaching Group. We are the
experts; we wrote the book on power training. Hunter Allen's
proprietary system of data-driven power training focuses on getting
you the results you want in the time you have. Our cycling coaching
will help you reach your goals through diagnosis of training needs,
development and application of the right training plan, training
zone maintenance, and clear focus on peaking.

Learn more about Coach David Ertl's experience and philosophy of

Why You Should Consider Hiring a Cycling Coach

You know how to ride a bike, right? So why should you need a
coach? People would not think of playing tennis or golf without
getting lessons, but because we grew up riding bikes, we tend to
think we don't need help with cycling. However, cycling, especially
at the competitive level, is complicated. It takes a lot more than
being able to ride fast to do well. You can spend a lot of money on
all the latest, fancy, light, aerodynamic equipment, but if you
don't first have all the appropriate fitness levels and skills
required, all that doesn't matter.

Are you wanting to improve substantially over what you have been
able to do on your own? Then consider getting help. I offer
various options, including training plans and coaching services.
Look around this website to see what is available. And be sure to
check out my Articles where I have posted a large number of my free
training articles.


Des Moines Cycle Club Race Team

I am one of the coaches on the Des Moines Cycle Club Race Team and
have been since 2001. The DMCC Race Team prides itself as being an
entry level development team that helps people get into the sport of
cycling and develop to their full potential. We offer senior,
junior, women and master teams within the overall team.
The team is focused on new rider development emphasizing juniors,
masters and women riders. The team is one of a small number in the
United States to be designated a United States Cycling Development
Foundation Center of Excellence. And it is the only team in Iowa to
have two Elite (Level 1) USA Cycling coaches working with the riders
to develop their skills.

Check us out here.


Register's Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa

I am the online coach for RAGBRAI. I offer training tips throughout
the season leading up to this largest cycling tour in the country.
Every July, more than 10,000 cyclists dip their rear tires in the
Missouri River and then ride their way across the rolling
countryside and finish by dipping their front tire in the
Mississippi River, 400-500 miles later. If you are a
self-proclaimed cyclist, this is one ride you must have on your
to-do list. It's much more than a ride, it's an experience of the
great state of Iowa and the hospitality of everyone along the way.
Come ride Iowa and discover the beautiful rural countryside and find
out how flat Iowa isn't!

Read my training blog here.


-USA Cycling-

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101 Cover-

(plus shipping)

101 Cycling Workouts
Just as the title suggests, this paperback book contains 101 different
cycling workouts to help you train with purpose. Includes workouts
covering endurance, threshold, anaerobic, speed, power, strength,
recovery and cross training. Never be bored training again!
Order Your Signed Copy

Personalized training programs built around clients' goals and
abilities. Through personal contact and online technology, I'll work
with you to develop customized daily training plans designed and
provide you with feedback to help you reach your goals.

Electronically available downloadable books filled with cycling
training information.
"101 Cycling Workouts"
"Training For Busy Cyclists"
"Basics of Cycling Training"
"Pedal Off The Pounds"
Order Here

Electronically available articles you can download immediately. Just
$4.99 each.

"Lose Those Last 10 Pounds""Swift Cycling""Low-Tech Training for

Order Here

Training Resources
A variety of recommended training eBooks, programs and products to
augment your overall fitness and training program.

The information and advice contained within this website are intended
to supplement, not replace, a supervised training program. Anyone
beginning or enhancing an exercise program should consult with
appropriate health and fitness professionals. The reader, not the
author, is responsible for any consequences resulting from the use
of any and all information contained within this website. Please ride
responsibly and within your limits.

Copyright 2010
David Ertl
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